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Millennials - Soft or sucker punched?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Today we have technology people living 100 years ago would consider witch craft and medical advancement that just 50 years ago would be unthinkable.

We have super computers in our pockets with access to unlimited information.

Interplanetary exploration and settlement looks increasingly likely verging on guaranteed within my lifetime.

Despite all of this we have huge political unrest worldwide, an orange clown in charge of the most powerful military in the world, suicide rates rising at a worrying rate and the lowest levels of trust ever recorded for politicians and banks.

Millennials frustration is visceral, they can’t understand why they are struggling to purchase their first property. They have seen the lives lived by their parents, a time when the average home in the UK was 2.75 times the average salary, the average new car paid in full was around 40% of the average salary, tube fairs were one 10th of the current pricing and further education was free.

Today the average home is 9 times the average salary and most students leave further education with uncertainty and large student debts. For most, the idea of home ownership is just a dream. Millennials are often advised by boomers and Gen X to solve their housing woes by foregoing £18 avocado on toast and coffee to save towards a deposit instead.

Could frivolous lifestyles be the route of an entire generations problems?

Could avocados be responsible for starter homes becoming 3.5 times less affordable?

Could bricks and mortar age like a fine wine making them more valuable?

What’s more likely is these moronic arguments are made by half wits who don’t understand inflation or that smart money moves to assets avoiding a reduction in purchasing power.

They also can’t grasp the fact those who don’t yet have assets don’t benefit from rising property prices or equities. Savers will enjoy near negative savings rates today compared to 14% 40 years ago. This means the goal of home ownership is moved further out of reach with each passing day.

Before we go any further I would like to make a few things clear. Firstly I am not writing this as a disgruntled millennial, I have been an investor and developer for 15 years and I don’t blame anyone for being a homeowner.

Secondly if you are one of the aforementioned morons reading this and believe all millennials are useless, self indulgent and lazy, please know I am attacking you, Suck it up, hopefully it will help knock some sense into you. Finally and most importantly if you are a Boomer or Gen x reading this and feel as though I'm ostracising you please be assured that is not my intention, I welcome anyone who shares my dream of creating a freer world.

If we are going to create a better freer world we had better find out what is causing the issues. We’ve already established its not avocados, its not the average millennial nor the average gen x or boomer so what is it? Why are homes 3.5 times less affordable for people today, why do we have rising wealth income gaps, why are suicide rates rising, why is there hatred filling the air and why do we have trust in governments and banks at all time lows globally?

Time is the most scarce asset to all living organisms so let's not beat about the bush!

Misdirection is used by magicians, captivate your attention over here while the real trickery is happening away from your gaze. Those in control of media, legislators and politicians will point fingers and create divides within society to distract you and divert your attention from the truth, they want you to be angry, they want you to hate. The goal is to make us blame each other for our troubles, blame immigrants, hate the rich, hate the poor. Hate the leavers hate the remainers. Can you feel it? Good !

Luckily love is infinitely more powerful than hate, United we are strong, borders, divides and labels are an illusion, those who wish to deceive you are in the final throws of their master plan but they will be exposed for the frauds they truly are, they have underestimated there opponents and it will be their downfall.

The trick is to remove money from your pocket to line the jokers. Let’s expose the trick step by step by step.

Step one, make humans value money as more than it truly is. Money is simply stored energy, value and time. Make them use it as a measure of success and make them lust after it, they will enslave themselves with dreams and drown in debt.

Illusionist prefer to have as few restrictions as possible. Before 1970 we had a natural universal limit on base money, gold cannot be created from thin air, that’s not ideal so lets remove those limits. In 1971 we came off the gold standard the audience can no longer claim back the gold they had deposited in banks and were promised would back their currency. This was followed by a complete decoupling from gold meaning money was no longer backed by or tied to anything. This allowed the removal of the natural limit for overspending meaning the jokers had no constraints.

Once you control its creation, issuance and distribution it is simple to control those enslaved by it. Now it's time to slowly extract the value replacing it with pieces of paper, digits on a screen and promises stating you will back them with full faith and credit.

Now this part is important. Keep the audience busy! Really busy! You don’t want them to realise you switched gold for worthless paper. You will need to create vocabulary complex enough the average person won’t bother to understand.

These jokers have an audience of billions, this trick has been ongoing for half a century and a very small number of us are starting to see through this charade. We can see this is not the only show in town, we can see the tricksters for who they are and we will fund this shit show no longer.

We want out, we deserve better and we are going to show the world towards the exit.

Time for change, time for truth, time for Bitcoin.

To learn more please join me for episode one of our podcast.

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